Thursday, October 18, 2012

February 16, 2013 Crop

Crop and Shop ‘Till You Drop!
Vendor Fair and Scrapbook Crop
Saturday ~ February 16, 2013
Ms. Bridgette’s Performing Arts Centre
601 Norgal, Lebanon Oh 45036 (near the McClure Road Soccer Fields)

CROP ALL DAY 10:30am – 11:00pm
$20 per person (now through 1/26)
$35 per table (for one person before 1/26)
$25 per person (after 1/26)

Stampin’ Up *12 card class* 11:00am – 12:30pm
Minerva Mosaics *two-page layout plus tools* 4:30 – 6:00pm
Close To My Heart *3 two-page layouts* 6:00 – 7:30pm
Creative Memories * 2 two-page layouts* 7:30 – 9pm

Check the tabs on the right for workshop details

Please bring a cup with a lid.  We will provide a variety of Pepsi and Coke products, tea and water.
We will have pot luck for lunch, dinner, and snacks.  Please bring something to share.
We have rectangle banquet tables that will fit 2 people.  Croppers must be 16 and older please.

*Door Prize drawing tickets*
You will receive…
4 tickets for paying prior to 1/26
2 ADDITIONAL tickets when you bring a potluck lunch/dinner/snack item
1 ADDITIONAL tickets for each class you register for
1 ADDITIONAL ticket for EACH friend you invite who pre-pays before 1/26 (and isn’t on our current mailing list)

Please complete the form below and return it to Shelly to reserve your spot today!!!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Name:_________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________
Phone: ________________________ 
How did you hear about this crop (which vendor) ____________________________________________

I am including payment for the following:

Individual table space $20
Individual table space $25 (after 1/26)
Individual table – one person - $35
Individual table – one person - $45 (after 1/26)

Minerva Mosaics class $35  
Close To My Heart class $25
Creative Memories Class $15
Stampin’ Up Class $20

Total $_______  

Mail/make check out to:  Shelly Allen, 1729 Westport Drive, Kings Mills, OH 45034

*Any cancellations will receive their gift bags and any class kits, however we are not able to refund your table fee.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 2012 Workshops

Close To My Heart

Check out my blog at to learn about my business and to see the workshops I offer.

October's workshop is posted below! 
Moonlight Workshop - 3 two-page layouts for $25!  
Everything is cut for you - you just have to bring your adhesive! 

Minerva Mosiacs

Fall Panoramic - October's crop workshop!

Minerva Mosaics is offering a beginning Mosaic Moments class where students learn the basic Mosaic Moments page layout system techniques – including measuring and cutting to fit the grid, photo taking and other tips. The class includes all papers and photos to complete two 12” x 12” pages.  This class will focus on creating panoramics using 1” strips.   Further, if you bring the photographs so that you can finish your page while at the crop, I am offering some prize drawings!  Students will gain valuable hands-on experience, and will leave the class feeling confident in using the Mosaic Moments system and inspired to create fabulous pages. You will be amazed at how easy the grid system is to use and how creating these great pages takes far less time than you could have ever imagined.

Supplies Provided to Each Student:
            ·  The Mosaic Moments 14” x 14” craft mat
            ·  Photos
            ·  Mosaic Moments Grid Papers
            ·  Paper Tiles and cardstock
            ·  Lil Chizler tool
            ·  Mosaic Moments Quick Glance Guide
Note: If you already have the Mosaic Moments 14”x14” craft mat, bring and use in class instead of the provided mat and receive a $20 credit to spend at the Minerva Mosaics table.

Student supplies needed:
            ·  Herma Dotto REMOVABLE adhesive
            ·  12” or 15” metal ruler with cork or rubber backing
            ·  A good quality craft knife or rotary cutter with sharp blade. 
Note: I plan to have only a limited number of each of these items available for sale at the crop so please notify me in advance if you wish to purchase same.

Creative Memories

Alicia has a new blog!!!!  Stop by and check it out at

 October's workshop is going to be this beautiful 2 and a half page layout! 

Stampin' Up!

Visit my website for information about my business and to see samples of other projects.

October's workshop cards are posted below...