Scrapbook Vendors Needed for October!

Crop and Shop ‘Till You Drop
Scrapbook Vendor Information
We are glad you are interested in joining us at this fun event!  Our Crop and Shop events have proven to be a successful way to meet new contacts and promote your business for a small fee.  Our space fees are low as we ask each vendor to promote this crop, help fill our goodie bags, and to help find scrapbookers to increase our crop size.  As scrapbook vendors, we even offer you the opportunity to teach a workshop! 

As we have established relationships with our past vendors, we will be prioritizing our vendors in the following order according to space – scrapbook vendors, past vendors, new vendors.  If you were not given this write up directly from Debbi or Shelly please confirm that we do not already have your company represented and that we have space prior to sending a check.

As a scrapbook vendor we are advertising and targeting your audience with this crop.  We also are offering you a great opportunity to provide a workshop to a large audience.  This should be a great event for you to promote your business!  For that we are asking that you provide nicer items for our goodie bags and door prizes than what we are asking for from our non-scrapbook vendors.  Please help make this event wonderful for our croppers!!! 

Requirements for joining as a scrapbook vendor:
  • Space fee is $15
    • We will use $5 of this fee directly towards newspaper advertising to promote the event and point people to our blog for details.  The blog will have the name of your company and any details you would like to add!
    • Your space will be a maximum of 8 foot long by 6 foot deep
    • Multiple booth spaces can be purchased if you need a larger area
    • We ask you provide your own display table
  • Required donations for our crop
    • $15- $20 item (retail cost) from your business to use for our prize drawings
      • This is not required to be a current item
    • A goodie bag item for all of our croppers – remember to include your card or info
      • Paper or cardstock
      • Items that can be used to make a card or one-page layout
      • A small promo item
      • Embellishments
      • 50 - 60 croppers are expected to attend, this number is subject to change
    • All items must be delivered to Shelly or Debbi on the date announced prior to the event
  • Promote to everyone you can
    • should be used to promote all of our vendors and any details for our crop and workshops
    • Advertise to a minimum of 100 people
    • Use email, Facebook, blog posts, mailings, flyer distribution, etc.
    • The main page of the blog can be copied and modified to use for advertising
    • You can e-mail Debbi or Shelly for a Word doc of our flyer
  • You must provide payment for your space within 2 weeks of being contacted
    • After 2 weeks we will open your spot to another representative from your company or a like competitor
    • After 2 weeks the fee will increase to $20 if the spot is still available
  • If you are a representative for more than one company you must pay for a spot for each company
  • Return the attached form with your payment
    • The blog will be updated within 5 days with your company’s information

As a scrapbook vendor you are offered more from our event!

Not only are we going to all promote this crop to draw scrapbookers to come shop, we also offer you…

FREE Workshop space!
            You are encouraged to offer and promote a workshop using your products.  We will provide you with table space to use for 1.5 hours during the crop (including set up and clean up).  The workshop times will be allocated as follows – the first 5 paid scrapbook vendors that provide us with pictures of the sample you will teach will get the spots after the vendor fair (4:30 – 11pm) in time order.  Any additional workshops will need to be held during vendor fair hours which may require you to find someone to help with your booth.

Longer Vendor hours!
For an additional $15 you may continue to sell past the vendor fair time (you can sell up to1 hour prior to the end of the crop).  We also encourage you to clear part of your table to stay and crop with us.  If our crop is not full, you may use an empty table or space to crop on!

Thank you for considering our crop.  The Vendor Fair portion of the crop is from 11am – 4pm, scrapbook crop hours depend on the venue.  We will send details to our paid vendors prior to the event. 

Once I receive your payment you will be given a page on our blog to promote your business!  You can add any information you choose to provide in this space.  It can be as simple as an explanation of your products, I can add pictures of your products/artwork, or you can use this space to promote a special you will offer at the event.  Please e-mail me with information you would like on your page – I will copy and paste your words, so please make sure you proof-read.  Pictures must be in a jpeg format. 
We will begin promoting this blog immediately so send your information as quickly as possible.
My e-mail is
Please contact us with any questions,
Shelly and Debbi

Scrapbook Crop Registration Form

Please return this form with your check to:
Shelly Allen, 1729 Westport Dr., Kings Mills, OH 45034.

Business Name:          ______________________________________________________

Business Contact:       ______________________________________________________

Contact Phone:           ______________________________________________________

Contact Email:           ______________________________________________________

Webpage and/or blog: _____________________________________________________

How large is your display table?         ____________________________________

What item will you be donating for a door prize for our croppers?   ______________________________

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